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Nau Mai Tau Mai

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Who We Are and What We Do

Nau Mai Tau Mai is a registered charitable trust, based in Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand 

Established in 2021, Nau Mai Tau Mai continues the work of Yoga Rhapsody (est. 2015). The trust's purpose is to raise funds to provide services which encourage connection and support hauora/ wellbeing in the wider community

It focusses primarily on groups living in vulnerable and disadvantaged circumstances, moving through life phases of rehabilitation/reintegration, as well as caregivers and support.

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Mindful Movement

Jem and Chrissy are qualified and trauma-informed yoga instructors. They offer comfortable, mindful movement practices of self-awareness/compassion. These often include variations of somatic movement, yoga postures, self-inquiry, the embodiment of different life perspectives and guided relaxation.

As well as sharing the physical benefits of moving in this way, these practices assist and empower participants, to create for themselves a safe container in which to be, and a personal pathway towards inter-connectedness, ease and autonomy.

Genuine Kōrero

The potency of simply having the opportunity to share our stories, voice what we are feeling, articulate our unique perspective, and be heard and acknowledged can be a vital seed planted on a journey of healing. This service is concentrated on spending un-rushed time with people, to listen deeply, hold space and encourage re-connection inwardly and outwardly through kōrero.

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Waiata/Music performance/Group singing

We believe strongly in the power of music, both as a healer and as a way to foster human connection. As such, music comes with us wherever we take our mahi. It accompanies movement classes and haircuts, and we also run group singing circles. Our musical offering includes original songs, waiata Māori and popular classics.

Free Haircuttting/styling service

Have you ever felt the instant lift or positive shift in how you are feeling after having your hair cut? Or how it feels to receive kindness, positive touch and an exchange in interesting kōrero? To look in the mirror and feel fresh, cared for and seen. A haircut can sometimes be the boost of confidence to help someone step into the world, embrace who they are and move forward. Jemma is a trained Hairdresser of 18 years and offers this service, where it is not always accessible.

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Calling me back home, to the light I've always known

Nau Mai Tau Mai

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Would you like to support our mahi?

Much of our mahi is voluntary, and where funding is available it is often only for a short term. Your support enables us to provide a continuous service, and to expand our offering in the community. While we also seek support from external funding programs, there is something very special about these services being supported by individuals in the wider community. It enables us to pass on the message to those we work with, that there is a network of people out there who care for them and want to support them on their hauora/wellbeing journey.

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